Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Little did she know... She was doing the KISSY FACE long before I EVER discovered it!!!!! Ahahahahaha :)

Dear Katie,

Happy, happy, happy birthday to you!! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. You are wonderful! I am not going to lie, you are my favorite cousin even though you feel like so many other things to me (mom, aunt, sister, etc.) Thank you for taking me in, for being my guardian and mentor. I love spending time with you!! I love all the activities we do together (running errands, movies, ZUMBA!!, and scrapbooking). I have really learned so much from you since I have lived with you which has helped me to be a better person, member of the church, member of society, and to be an adult... And I have learned things that will help me in the future to be a good mom and wife. Thank you for all that you do.... and all that you put up with! :) I appreciate it and I appreciate you in my life!

Love You!!

This movie is so cute...
I really, really want to go see it again.
Katie, lets go!
What you all don't know is I got to go see it for FREE
about a month ago.
I saw it way before you all did! ;)
It is very funny. I love these two together.
Ryan Renolds- you are beautiful!

jonas brothers... yummy

I'm obsessed with these boys right now...
I really, really want to go to Stadium of Fire to see them!
Their new album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times if fabulous.

Thanks Jess for burning it for me! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sad news

Down East Outfitter locations in Utah and Salt Lake County
will no longer be carrying True Religions.
I am so bummed about it. They were such a good deal.
You can still find them at the other stores though like Ogden and St. George.

Good news though- in the next couple of weeks we will be receiving MEK's!
Let me know if you want to be called when we get them in!

some good summer trash t.v.

I love the show the Bachelorette. What to say about Jillian- well
I think she is beautiful. She is very successful and I love, love, love
her personality. She just needs to cut down on the boo's. There is just
too much alcohol on this show.
I miss Ed already. He had to leave because he was getting pressure
from work and was given an ultimatum to either come back to work or find another job.
Poor guy, he was definitely one of the top runners for me. Ed, you will be missed.
He is a hunk- maybe he will be the next Bachelor.

Here are a couple of my favorites: in order.
#1. Kiptyn
He is so good looking and such a sweetie.
I love watching them together.
I mean really, could she find more of a dream guy. I hope she picks him.
#2. Reid
He reminds me of a Southern California boy.
Enough said.
#3. Jesse
I love how athletic he is. I wonder how long he will last?
Is he ready to settle down?
He is very cute but seems kind of young.

I love my summer trash t.v. I have a feeling though that
with these fantasy suite dates coming up this show is going to get scandalous.

I ♥ the Pussycat Dolls!

If you haven' heard their single Jai Ho! (which is actually a remix from Slumdog Millionaire).
I am constantly playing this song- I even got the whole family addicted to it.
And I just came across this new song by them that I really like....
It's called Hush Hush Hush Hush- the fast version.
It makes me want to work out... Ha ha go listen to it.

glitter toes

My Cousin Brooke is going to Hair School at Evans... and she learned how to do Glitter Toes! So all of us girls went over to her house a couple weeks ago and had a fun little Girls Party. She did such a good job. Mine are still on- I love them! Thanks Brookie!! :)

Abby and Afton even joined in on the fun and got their toes done!
Emma, Abby, & Afton

Brooke and Afton

Saturday, June 13, 2009

this shall be a treat :)

How adorable are these headbands. How lucky are we to have
this here in Utah. Featuring 30 local vendors and their handmade goods.
You won't want to miss this!

Headbands made by Motley Handmade- one of the vendors that will be
featured at the Bijou Market!

I will be going... Anyone want to join me?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


If you can't STAND to Pray...
Try Kneeling.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i want to add this to my collection

It came out on DVD this past week! 
I want it! 
If you haven't seen it yet, go RENT it asap.
It was HILARIOUS and to be honest- 
I got some great dating advice out of it!

Haylie's ENGAGED!!!!

She is engaged everyone... Ha it happened a couple weeks ago- I have been meaning to post it! Down below is her beautiful ring! 

Here's what they are planning: 
October 10th, 2009 
In the Portland, OR Temple w/ a reception in Portland....
In a barn... That is what I am told! :) 

It will be very lovely. Save the date! 

no more caddy! :(

A couple weeks ago while I was at work a girl who works next door to me HIT MY PARKED CAR! At first I thought cool... She is insured- they will just pay for the damage and repairs and I will have a new bumper. But no this is not the case. Because my car is a Cadillac- it is very expensive for parts and to repair it. So the insurance company offered me two options. Take some money to help you fix your car or take a little bit more money and purchase another car and we will buy your old one...

So here I am CAR SHOPPING... at first it was fun and exciting. To think yahoo I am going to get a new car ( ha ha and by that I mean a $2500 piece of work but hey it's new to me!) But now after looking for a while now all I find is CRAP!!! I don't want to let my car go- it's soooo nice to me! Why didn't I love you and appreciate you more Caddy!

But hey to leave this post on a positive note... here are a couple beauties I can afford! :)

Ha ha :) see how much fun it is looking for a car.... I cannot wait to find a car I actually want to drive. I will keep you posted-

what I listen to... this week anyways

I know I haven't blogged for like ever but I think I am going to start doing this more often.... Post the new music I find and listen to. Some of it's kind of old stuff but new to me.

The Heart of Life by John Mayer 
Album: Continuum 
Funny Story: I got it off the movie Ghost Town.. 
It plays at the end during the credits.
High School Musical 3 Soundtrack
 (I love the movie too.) 
I love, love, love it! Every song.. They did such a good job
with this last album. 
If you have kids this would be a good one to pick up. 
Zac Efron- I love you. 
Last one is Ashley Tisdale's new sing: It's Alright- It's OK
Sadly it doesn't even sound like her. Poor Disney star... I still love the song though! 

my new favorite thing on Monday night's

Katie and I have been going to Zumba for the past month. I love that
Katie and I can go together... (Thanks Katie!) 
I look forward to it every week. 
You should totally try it- just go once to see what it is. 
I love the music, I love the dancing, and the instructor makes me smile. 
Who ever is in the area and would like to join us... please the more the merrier. 
We go:
Monday in Saratoga Springs @ 8:30
Tuesday in American Fork @ 8:30 
And there is also one Thursday in Lehi @ 8:30

Who knew working out could be so FUN!