Tuesday, March 31, 2009

california... here I come!

I flew to California this morning... Crazy I know. BUT I actually came because tomorrow evening I will be trying out for a Disney Face Character. I have no idea which Character I 
could potentially be but I am thrilled to even have the chance to try out! :) 
Most of you know this has been my dream since I was very young and 
would go to Disneyland and sit during the parades and DREAM of being a Disney Princess. 
This is my chance to try out so WISH me luck!!! 
I am so nervous.... I have had butterflies in my stomach since yesterday! 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

down east basics sale!

Mix and Match 

Buy 2 Tops, 
get 3rd Top FREE

*Excludes Black and White
American Fork
34 N 600 W Suite 4

i need a NEW job

yes, I am still working at down east outfitters. 
but I am looking for a new job. 
If you know of anything out there,
please let me know. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I ♥ Rubio's... and it loves me back!

They just opened a NEW Rubio's in American Fork located just a couple stores down from Down East (it's so cloossse to me, love it!) BUT any who anyone from California should be familiar with this place, but if your from Utah chances are you have never even heard of it. Well... because of this sad case but good for us who are from California or visit there often they do a promotion everytime they open a new location where.... ha ha here it comes. The first 50 customers at Rubio's on opening day get free meals from Rubio's for a year!!! Well Katie and I found out about this sweet little promotion the night before at their PRE-opening celebration which I was invited to because us Down East employees get all the hook ups when they open a new business near us. So Thursday morning (day of Rubio's opening) rolls around and my alarm goes off at 5:30 am. I set it early thinking well we want to get there early ha ha and because Chris told me Katie was leaving at 6 to go to wait in line to be one of the first fifty. Thank goodness I didn't get out of bed when my alarm went off because she was actually planning on waiting until after she had dropped the kids off for school. Well to chop the story short because I feel like I am just talking about useless info I woke up a couple minutes before seven- was tired of course. And laid there thinking, should I just go back to bed or no Is it worth getting up to get free meals from this place for a year! Well I popped out of bed, put some sweats on and was out the door. I got there around 7:25 and well folks I was number 42! Yahoooooooo!!!!!!! :) Ha ha and that's my story! I received free meals from Rubio's for a year. A total of $365 dollars worth! 

So.... Really that's not the end of this amazing story! :). I show up (7:25)... ha ha stick with me guys. And see around 13-14 people standing outside of Rubio's. No line, just random camping chairs everywhere. Call Katie immediately and tell her no worries you're good if you come right after you drop the kids off- I only see 13 or so people here. I go over to the group, start setting up camp because I was going to be there for a couple hours. Rubio's wasn't opening till 10:30. And a women calls me to her table and asks "Are you here for our Promotion?" Why Yes, Yes I am! :) (he he free meals for a year. Awesome)..... Go up there to start filling out this thing and EEEEEEKKKK I am number 42. I called Katie right away, at this point in a panic because only 8 more people were going to receive this sweet deal. I call her, and she rushes down to Rubio's. Got there around 8 and was number 49! She barely made it by just a couple minutes. It was a close one. But made for a very exciting morning and day! At that point we were both golden to receive free meals for a year and it was eight o'clock. Katie and I (and baby Coleman) jumped in the car and watched a movie- Run Fatboy Run (hilarious- you should watch it)- watched a movie till Rubio's opened and that was it. We all lived happily ever after. The end. 

we are awesome! 

P.S. Sorry this post was so random with many random thoughts. It's late. I'm cansado (tired!) :)
Nighty night.... I've got more to say tomorrow. More fun adventures......

Confessions Of A Shopaholic!

This movie was so cute! I loved it! Her wardrobe: Unbelievable! And very hilarious. It had a legally blonde feel to it.... Now down to the real business. I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SOUNDTRACK to it. I recommend you buy it or let me know I will burn you a copy! Let me tell you a secret: I listen to it every day. :) 

roooad triiip! :)

Last month I took a spontaneous trip to California to visit family and to be honest I just needed a break (ha ha from the utah scene!) It was great. I can totally entertain myself in the car. I love road trips by myself! I went for a whole weeek!!! Wow- lucky me! :). My trip included spending the night and day in Vegas with my sister and little nephews (their so fun!). Ha ha in Vegas well my sister and I spent our days shopping and it was so fun to spend some time with my adorable little nephews. I even got to go to their Blue and Gold dinner. What a bonus! And then I was off to Orange County to spend the rest of my time with my Grammy. We had so much fun and did so many fun things like shopping all day at South Coast Plaza, watching the Academy Awards, spending the afternoon at Newport Beach and Balboa island, planting flowers :). Who knew that planting flowers could be so fun and you have to be careful because I think it could become addicting! It was a well needed trip. Thanks to all those that let me stay with them and did much more then that.... Kristen and Grammy! :) Gracias! (Ha ha shout out to you Girlfriend!)      

On my way down to Vegas!! The beginning of my trip.

My sister Kristen and I. My sisters and I look so much alike! I love it! 
My nephews Blake and Nathan.
Grammy and I. Newport Beach. (Doesn't behind us look like a painting... well it's really at Newport. Just beautiful!)
 Driving to go see my cousin in San Diego I saw this..... Sweet huh? Cassidy Street 

love is a battlefield ( I ♥ 80's dancing!)

This is my gangster pose! I felt cool... 
The Crew. Enough said-
We three got the shades memo :)
claaaassic! ♥ you kashia! 
we are young... heartache to heartache, we stand!
i'm a gangster at heart. 

I am having so much fun going 80's dancing. These pics are from when we went a couple weeks ago! I am convinced the best pictures you will ever take will be the ones while 80's dancing! It's a good way to blow off stress too! 

how embarrassing

It has been four weeks since I have blogged!!!! Ahhh what am I doing with my life. Really could I be soooo busy I don't even have time to blog. Not like any of you really read my blog..... well anywho I have lots to catch up on!