Sunday, October 25, 2009

ross & haylie

Doesn't this look like a fairytale..
Well it's real life for Ross & Haylie!
Their wedding was so beautiful and intimate.
Haylie looked Stunning!!

Check out some more of Ross & Haylie's wedding pictures on the Photographer's Blog, Rachel Thurston Photography.

They are gorgeous!!

Afton Grace

I love this girl... too bad she can't actually read this! :)

Park City Fire Department

My cute (single) cousin is a fire fighter for Park City, UT. What a cool profession! For UEA weekend we went up to Midway and spent the weekend there. On the last day of the trip we drove over to Park City and spent the afternoon at the fire station. It was very fun and we got to do some pretty cool stuff. But sorry my lips are sealed- I was lucky enough to do some pretty cool things at the station. Last thing on my list- I really want to ride in a fire truck... One day it will happen. Below are just a few of the pictures out of hundreds (literally) that we took that weekend. Of course all of the wonderful photos were taken by my cousin Katie.

All of us in the fire truck... wearing legit headsets (is that what there called?)
Cousin Eric- did I mention he's single!
The whole gang! Thanks for the tour Eric...

Monday, October 5, 2009


Portland, Oregon.
It's beautiful here.
I L O V E it!

My sister's apartment is so unique and full of personality and charm. Portland- definitely different then Utah. Very different people (where do they get their inspiration on fashion... eek!!!). When I was at the grocery store earlier today- everyone was staring at me! Do I really stand out? Do I not look like I could fit in to the "Portland" crowd. It was very odd.
My sister lives right above a very happening area. It's called the North District I believe?? There is a Starbucks right across from her apartment complex and a Pottery Barn just a block away. It's heaven here and such a sweet location.

I am anxiously awaiting our adventures coming up this week!