Sunday, December 7, 2008

playing mommy for the weekend

This past weekend I had one of my nanny jobs which I love but man ha ha it makes for a really long day. I really give you mom props. I understand now why you young couples with kids go to bed early. At like nine I find myself really tired and ready to check out. I love the kids I nanny for... Pretty much I find it so much fun hanging with them all weekend- and it was a good way to kill time considering I haven't had much of a social life these past couple of weekends. I look at it this way: I get paid to watch them all weekend: to go to the pool, to see movies,to eat lots of treats, to drive their nice cars, and to have fun! I love it. IT is a great weekend job that I do on the side. Let me know if you ever need a weekend getaway. I'm your girl. Down below: picks of us on some of our adventures.  

Lexi and I. She is a sweetheart. (Ha going to the grocery store.)
The car I was stuck with for the weekend (poor me). It was awesome! 

Funny face time! 
Smile!! If you want!