Sunday, October 26, 2008

Merrill E. Swenson

A Tribute to Merrill E. Swenson 
November 5th, 1922- October 23rd, 2008

Grandpa. I miss you being here with us. I love you more then you will ever know. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me since I was born. You and Grammy were always so involved in my life (more than any other grandparents I know): from blessing me as a child to baptizing me when I was eight and being there as I received my high school diploma. I hope you know how much you influenced my life.  

I will miss your smiles. 
I will always remember kissing your cheek and feeling that fuzz from not shaving. 
I will never forget sneaking away and grabbing KFC snackers with you (our favorite snack) :) or how you and I would go down to the Donut Shop and you would let me pick a box of donuts. 
I will miss sitting in church with you and you always having little candy treats in your pocket that you would happily share with Grammy and me. 
I will always remember you, Grammy, and I going to McDonald's and sharing a box of chicken nuggets. (You got me hooked on those). 
I will never forget our many road trips to Utah (Just you, Grammy, and I). I realize now how special it was to just be the three of us. 
Thank you for always sharing your Pepsi with me ( geez I am sorry- I used to steal so many sips from you). By the way I think you got me hooked on that also. :)
I am so blessed to have had you as a Grandpa. I will see you again one day. 

Families can be together forever. I want to share my life with them through all eternity. 

haylie has a blog! yahoo we converted her...

My sister Haylie has FINALLY started a blog. You can check it out here. It is about time big sis. I am so excited for you, my love. I can wait to read about your many adventures. Like starting a new job tomorrow at Borders. I am so proud of you and am really happy for you. Good luck! By the way she is living with my Grammy down here in California. She is so kind to let me stay in her room with her and take it over with all my stuff. So we will be sharing her bed. And she is an angel for doing that because we all know I steal blankets and kick sometimes (I guess I am horrible to sleep with)... :) Haylie thank you very much. 

california trips

I am down in California again staying at my grandparents. I have some fun pictures of my trip a couple weeks ago that I will post tomorrow. Look forward to them. I am trying to catch up on blogging. We all know how that is :). 


Can you believe this has really happened. It is official. Aubrey and D Woods from Danity Kane are being kicked out. Danity Kane has been my favorite group for a couple years now ever since they started on Making the Band. A show about Diddy finding the next big girl group! They have the hit song Damaged and the the number one album Welcome to the Dollhouse. Here are some lyrics from their song Damaged:

"My heart is damaged, so damaged, so damaged..."
"I thought I should let you know..." 
"Sometimes you gotta go through the pain
To experience the joy"

Sorry ladies. Your out! Can this be fixed. I am still in shock over it. It is very sad- I feel bad for the two ladies. What will become of Danity Kane now? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Head Shots

Katie Moss from peekaboo photography captured this photo, she is amazing. You can check out her blog here. She is very good at shooting children and families. I would say that is her niche. Anyways thanks Katie and Dan for taking time out of your very busy schedule to do these pictures! 

HUGE Down East Warehouse Sale

At Thanksgiving Point at the Barn 
October 21-23
Tues & Wed- 10 am- 10pm
Thursday 10am- 7pm

Huge Discounts off name brand clothing,
Down East Basics and furniture. 

*Make sure you come in and visit if you can. I will be working there every night from 5 pm to 10pm. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

call me!

Oh what a joyful celebration.... 
I finally have a cellular device again. 
I can talk to the outside world. 
I have a communication device again. 
What more can I say. :) 
It feels so good to be able to text again ha ha. 
Let me know if you want my new number: I know some of you
are dying to be able to get a hold of me again. 
But let me know so you can Call Me!

countdown begins till jason mraz comes

October 28th at 7:30 Jason Mraz is coming to Utah to the E Center. I love Jason Mraz and all his stuff. Oh I don't think he has been here for years. But because of his new album he is! Wow I don't know if you have ever heard his stuff but check him out. Katie and I are planning to go, and are calling all Jason Mraz fans to come with us. We want it to be a girls night out! Let me know by the end of today because tomorrow we are purchasing tickets. There selling out fast. Get them while you can.... Mmmmm it's going to be good. :) 

Oh yes.... It's here

It snowed this morning. How fun was it to wake up to snow. I don't know what to say if your not excited about that. Just sit inside and see how beautiful it is. Being all white- I love fresh falling snow!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a birthday gift you'll be happy to open

I found this on a friend's blog.... Check it out! How exciting! 

For 2009 Disneyland wants you to celebrate your birthday at the park for free - seriously. Check it our here:

i'm so excited for WINTER!

Bring it on! Yes I am so excited for the sweaters, the coats, the mittens and all the HOT CHOCOLATE you can drink!!!! I love the winter seasons. I love putting the heat on in your car and the bundling up. I am just ready for a change in the season. I am also excited for what Winter brings. First Halloween- which is so fabulous.... THEN (here comes the good part) MY Birthday (Nov. 3- Just a friendly reminder) and then of course at the end of November Thanksgiving. And then there is the month of December. I love the Christmas season. 2008 it has been a good year- I think anyway. Can you believe how fast it has gone by. Well I am looking forward to this winter season. Bring on the snow! 

*Look how cute Afton looks in this picture. Hasn't she grown up! Well, we all have.

Exciting things in the neighborhood

I am excited to say that right next to where I work (Downeast Outlet in American Fork) there are two new restaurants opening. Paradise Cafe which I had the pleasure to eat there on Wednesday. Thanks to Katie and Chris for taking me to lunch there. It was a nice surprise at work for them to pop in and ask for me to go to lunch with them. Thank you again for letting me come. It was very fun. And oh my amazing food for a great price and very convenient to just pop in and eat. Eat fast with no waiter. Waiters are boring blah! But I am so exciting to have it right next to work. I am hoping every once in a while I will get the opportunity to pop in and eat! Or grab some hot chocolate- it's starting to get cold. 

And they also opened a Olive Garden which I can't wait for. I am hoping to use my birthday dinner there. Because last year when I tried to go for my birthday dinner the wait was so long. LIKE 2 1/2 hours at the one in Provo- which is far away. This one in American Fork is so conveniently located. 

Well they just opened this last Monday the 6th. So if you get a chance try to go while the employees are still happy to be working. They are all very nice when you go. For now that is! : )

getting over a cold

It all started out Thursday morning when my manager Abby said I have a sore throat
I should have known that that was going to be the beginning
The beginning of a very long week. 
Ahhh!!!! I had a horrible weekend staying at home in bed (or the couch :) 
Watching crap tv, infomercials and murder she wrote (not really but it was that bad)! 
I can honestly say I think I am almost over it! 
How exciting no more missing work and working out! 

Catching Up!

I have not blogged for a very long time. I feel like I have been busy.... Ha ha well I have. I know I will probably get busier as life moves forward- with real jobs and a family. But I really feel busy now! Yes now! Well it's time to catch up... and it's time to blog. Blogging feels so good (I'm not going to lie).