Monday, July 27, 2009

Season Finale TONIGHT!!

Yeah! The finale is FINALLY here.
I am so stoked to see who she will pick.
Ed or Kiptyn... Ed or Kiptyn??? Hmmmm...

Who Do you think she will pick?

I hope she picks Ed- just so then Kiptyn can be our next bachelor.
I would love to watch him for a season.
I secretly think she might pick Reid when he comes back tonight and purposes to her...
Because you know "he just can't live without her."
And it would just be good DRAMA!!!
*So excited for the Season Finale tonight... and the special episode they
are having on Tuesday. Probably so they can chat about ALL
the drama that will go down tonight.
I know where you all will be tonight at 8 o'clock or whenever it starts! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake: My new favorite team. We went to the game last night against SC Dallas. Boy oh boy it was a good game! We had excellent seats. We WON (4-2). And the new Rio Tinto stadium is so beautiful! It is so well done! I am hoping that we get to go to the All Star game next week... if not I am definitely going to try to make it to one last Real Game before the summer is over.

Chris Wingert 17
My favorite player from last night. He was good- very fun to watch.

I support rugby players

Have you seen this movie? It's very good. Has such a great cast and a good message. We are planning to watch it sometime as a family for fhe. Go rent it or buy it-

And who is this hunk you ask?? Mmmm it's Sean Faris. I have had my eye on him for quite some time now... I love him and his movies. Check out Never Back Down with him starring in it.

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times

I'm sort of obsessed with the Jonas Brothers right now... Everyone in the family won't stop making fun of me for my love of them.
I'm loving their new album and their album cover. :) Don't they just look dreamy.
Check out these songs:
Fly With Me
What Did I Do To Your Heart
Much Better (My favorite)
Don't Speak
Keep It Real

Really though the whole album is soooo good! I recommend buying it or let me know. I will burn it for you!

Stadium of Fire

The stage.
My awesome Jo Bro's t-shirt

My friend Jessica and I. (Check out her sweet shirt too!)

Stadium of Fire was amazing. I am so lucky and glad that I decided to go. There is something about Stadium of Fire that makes you feel very patriotic. I am excited for next year... I have heard some rumors that Taylor Swift is coming but we shall see. It was great- the fireworks were rad and the Jonas Brothers were so cute! I had a great time. Jessica and I were dancing the whole time!