Thursday, May 22, 2008

I LUV my Macbook

Tonight I was out with a friend and we were looking at laptops at Best Buy. I just have to say that I just love my Macbook. All the other laptops were just not as good looking as Mac Computers. I think mac users across the world would agree with me. 

One of my favorite things on the Macbook is the photo lab. Ha ha here are just some of my favorite pictures:

The first two are of Max.... They were the first pictures every taken on my photo lab. Max, that sneaky boy took a few pictures without me knowing. But I will never delete them because even to this day these pics still make me laugh so hard. 

The third one is just me. I did a little photo taking with my nephews. We started out doing group shots and then each of us would take turns doing some solo shots. We all thought that this picture was really funny.

Oh my! I started a blog....

I'm so excited. Really... I am. I have been looking at so many blogs lately and have been so jealous. It made me want a blog. Forget myspace and facebook, I am over those, this is the new thing. Right now I don't have a cell phone, I know people are getting nervous as to what is going on with me. I figured this would be the perfect thing for people to see and know what's going on. So hopefully a few people can be less worried. I would like to thank the people who inspired me to start a blog. Katie, of course who I owe so much gratitude to her (and not just for her inspiration to start a blog but so much more). I have Katie's blog as one of my bookmarks. Ha ha. And I have to thank Brit who will always be so creative and unique. Just the other day I found her buisness card she gave me years ago. Ha ha and many others. I am very excited. Hopefully I will have much to report on in the future.... so I hope you will check back often!