Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i hate.... THE SNOW!

I hate the snow here in utah. 
I am always getting stuck, always! 
I have a rear wheel drive car, it likes to get stuck. It's in it's nature to do so. 
Dumb car. Dumb snow. Go away soon please. 
Ha ha the snow is beautiful though! 

ice skating date!

Ice Skating! Auction Date Numero 2 for me!
All the bachelors were known as Bachelor 1, Bachelor 2, ect. Because I was the auctioneer I was the only bidder who actually knew the names of who we were bidding for. So we rigged the system. Alyssa and I got exactly who we wanted and ended up on the same group date together. We went to the Seven Peaks Ice Rink. What a blast! 
Ha ha I think Alyssa and I had more fun with each other then with our dates!  
My date, Tyler Gibb.
Profession Figure Skaters! Look for us next season! :)
He was pricey but worth it! :) 


Wow!!! Christmas was amazing this year. Not only was I back at home with the family which was a gift in itself. But I got more then I could ever dream of or imagine! I definitely felt the love this christmas. Thank you to all who thought of me this year and got me presents. You spoiled me rotten! Thank You! Hmmmm favorite gifts of the year: Second Hand Blackberry Phone, iHome, My own lcd tv and dvd player... And being back with Chris, Katie, the kids, and Roxy! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 


Ha ha I love this girl... and this photo. CLASSIC! 
I am pretty sure as I child I use to make this exact face: that's what I love about it! 
we have FUN. end of story :)

what I have been up to lately...

Geez I know... It has been forever since I have blogged. I have just been having so much fun being single and enjoying life! So I decided to just grab some photos of what I have been up to lately (specifically the month of December) because during that month I hardly blogged! 
This is my new best buddy Alyssa. Ha ha we are like "two peas in a pod!" We have been having so much fun together. 

LVBC!!! This is the Las Vegas Bang Crew as we like to call our selves. There is this game we always play together- it's called Bang. The game is addicting. I don't know if you have ever played? 

Ward Christmas Party. It was so much fun. We had a bachelor auction and they asked me to be the auctioneer. Oh yes what a wonderful opportunity. It was all for charity. Our goal was to raise $400 and we raised over a $1,000! And don't worry I snagged some bachelors for myself too. 3 to be exact. I am pretty sure I was the one girl who got the most.... he he!! 

Then a group of us went to VEGAS! For the BYU vs. Arizona Game! 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I moved back home.

I moved back home.
It's been great! 
I love being around the family again. 
The kids and the dog! 
And the wonderful Sunday Dinners! 
Ha ha no more cereal for dinner on sunday. 

Thanks Chris and Katie for letting me move back in! 

I've been busy... Ha ha

I know... I know. It has been a while since I blogged. I was very busy during the month of December as we all were. I was staying out late- I think that was the problem. Any who it doesn't matter where I have been I am back now!