Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall :)

My very talented friend and roommate Brittany is a nice little photographer. I have been begging her since I got my little boy Duke for her to do a shoot with the two of us. These are just a few of my favorites! You can check out the rest on facebook. They turned out great! I cannot wait to get a few printed and framed!
Thanks again Brittany, you are wonderful!
Duke- well he wasn't very focused!

I know you are all wondering... YES I got extensions! I absolutely love them.

The BIG 2.1.

My friends and roommates through me a Suprise "Mocktail" Party. A mocktail is a Morman version of a cocktail party. Which means there was no achohol! We had a wonderful classy event held at our home. Many friends stopped by to help me celebrate. I cannot believe I'm 21 now! Yay I feel so cool. People ask me do I feel different? On my bday NO I didn't. But I can honestly say right now I do feel different and over the past week I have felt like somethings changed. I am very excited that I am not a teen anymore- I am officially an adult. I cannot wait to go and get my NEW LICENSE! That will be exciting and yes I am currently driving with an expired license... Am I going to get in trouble for that?
Here are some photos from the event. This 1st photo is my favorite from that night. I was having so much fun and this photo looks like I was drinking things I shouldn't be but no they we are clean and pure!
Birthday Girl
My favorite lady- Bre
Mr. Sellers and I
My roommate who works at ColdStone got me a Cake Batter/Cookie Dough combo cake. Mmmm yummy!
Some lady friends from the ward.
(Hannah & Katie)
A few of my roommates:
(Brittany, Katie, and Pamela)
I know guys, I look older- weeeird!

Halloween 2010

This year for halloween I really wanted to be a Flight Attendant.
WELL... Monday (before halloween) while at work I was looking online at past photos of celebrities and their costumes and came across THIS >

I then AT THAT MOMENT decided that I was going to be a "beautiful" Peacock for halloween. I then drove around all night and made 8 different stops trying to gather my costume. I made my costume myself and it was SO MUCH FUN! All I needed was: a tutu, lots of feathers, and some tights!

All week we had Halloween parties and I had the chance to volunteer at The Nightmare express. SO I got to dress up EVERY day of the week. Tuesday night was our Ward Halloween Party and I won "Halloween Queen" for my Creative Peacock Costume which gave me bragging rights for a year. :) Friday at work we were allowed to wear a costume. And I was so excited because it was the first time I was actually ALLOWED to dress up to work. I took advantage of this opportunity and wore my WW costume. They had a Costume Contest- which I had no idea they were doing. I just wanted to wear my costume. Out of about 10 people I won "Best Costume" which scored me two tickets to Lagoon! Woo-hoo I was happy about that!

My little Wonder Woman Twin!
Bryn, Peter & I at the Nightmare Express

Me (Peacock) and my friend Andrea (Sailor)
Brittany (BYU Fan) and I (Peacock)
My Entire Costume!

Happy LATE Halloween and I look forward to planning a costume next year!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference :)

*All these photos were taken from my iphone.

I absolutely loved this past weekend. I hoped you enjoyed conference as much as I did! It was very eventful. We had breakfast Saturday morning made specially by the Elders Quorum- where we watched both sessions. Then all the ladies went out to dinner- yum!
On Sunday my roommate Brittany & I made our way up to slc to wait in the standby line for the second Sunday session. We got there very late and so we didn't get in BUT we still enjoy being on temple square. And got to watch conference in the tabernacle which was just as fun and meaningful. I am so impressed with this church and how organized it is. Don't you think?
I have a confession- I wish it was another day longer because I am still craving more!
I hope you had a glorious weekend listening to conference-

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today Coleman, one of my favorite little boys is having a birthday! I believe he is turning 2 today! I love this guy so much. He makes me so happy! Happy Birthday Cole-

Here are some pictures of our many adventures together! :)

Zions Ponderosa Resort
Summer 2010
Park City Fire Station
Fall 2009
Park City Alpine Slides
Fall 2009
Ventura Beach house
Summer 2009
Christmas at The Higbee's 2008
LOVE you buddy-

Thursday, September 9, 2010


A few weeks ago my friend/roommate and I bought puppies! They are both Jack Russell Terriers & Chihuahua mix. Aka Jackhuahua's. They are both boys and they are brothers.

I LOVE him! My new best friend.
My friend/roommate bought a puppy too :). His name is Ryder!
Here they are spooning ha ha... adorable huh?
My inspiration for naming him Duke:

First is Duke University
Second is from the movie "She's the Man".
The main characters name is Duke!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Betsy the Beetle

Remember when I was looking for a car? Well I found one (almost a year ago). But that shows just how great I have been @ blogging. It is ever girls dream to purchase a bug! Don't you think? Well I know because I have wanted one for years. I found this keeper online and I feel so lucky that I did. It's a manual BUT I am happy to say that I have finally learned how to successfully drive a stick!
This past summer the girls (Abby + Afton) and I decided it was time to wash my bug. Considering I drove it to Texas & back and the many storms & bugs I had experienced.

This is sweet little Afton helping us wash the car!

I love this little car.. It was such a good deal! It's a '99 and I bought it for only $2,500! :) I'm very excited about that-