Thursday, November 11, 2010

The BIG 2.1.

My friends and roommates through me a Suprise "Mocktail" Party. A mocktail is a Morman version of a cocktail party. Which means there was no achohol! We had a wonderful classy event held at our home. Many friends stopped by to help me celebrate. I cannot believe I'm 21 now! Yay I feel so cool. People ask me do I feel different? On my bday NO I didn't. But I can honestly say right now I do feel different and over the past week I have felt like somethings changed. I am very excited that I am not a teen anymore- I am officially an adult. I cannot wait to go and get my NEW LICENSE! That will be exciting and yes I am currently driving with an expired license... Am I going to get in trouble for that?
Here are some photos from the event. This 1st photo is my favorite from that night. I was having so much fun and this photo looks like I was drinking things I shouldn't be but no they we are clean and pure!
Birthday Girl
My favorite lady- Bre
Mr. Sellers and I
My roommate who works at ColdStone got me a Cake Batter/Cookie Dough combo cake. Mmmm yummy!
Some lady friends from the ward.
(Hannah & Katie)
A few of my roommates:
(Brittany, Katie, and Pamela)
I know guys, I look older- weeeird!