Friday, February 20, 2009

Lady GaGa

I really LOVE her new album The Fame... 
I listened to her songs over and over 
today on my drive to vegas. 
My favorite songs from the album are
Paparazzi and Starstruck

it's only the beginning

I am going to California for the week for a vacation and to see family. :)
My first stop. VEGAS! Thanks Kris for letting me stay with you! 
The drive went well, considering I was all by myself. 
I know most people don't like Vegas, but I secretly really like the exciting city. 
You just need to look for the good in everything. 
It is fabulous

Saturday, February 14, 2009

you're my exception

This past week Katie and I had a little girls night! Which really was so fun and really nice for a change (Katie, we should do it more often). We went to the movies and saw he's just not that into you.  It was such a cute movie! I loved it! It surprisingly had excellent dating advice too! I highly recommend you go see it with a group of girls! I would go again if anyone's interested. I can't wait until it comes out on dvd so I can buy it! 

Some quotes from the movie: 
"If you can find him, then he can find you. If he wants to find you, he will."
"Men don't forget how much they like you. So put the down the phone."
"Maybe he lost my number or is out of town or got hit by a cab." 
"You are good enough to be asked out."

my pokkker pokkkkker face

I am loving Lady GaGa's new song "Poker Face".  

And I had to post this.... It's a spicy pic from my trip to vegas last december.... Ha ha :) 

no more black and white


I always put my photos in black and white. I don't know what my obsession is with it. Maybe because they look classic and they make my teeth look whiter! :) But no more! I am done... SORT of an anti black and white! I was looking at my blog and previous posts- AND how all the pictures were in black and white! It makes my blog look dull so now I am going to try and do lots of color. We are on our way to spring and summer and all the wonderful, bright colors that comes with them! So.... time for a change. Change is good! 

will you be my valentine?

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there! I hope you enjoyed your chocolates and all your nice presents! I am however single on this day which isn't a horrible thing. Honestly I haven't been sad because I am single and alone. I have been sad because I didn't get the chance to go out with someone. (Because we all know that a date on valentines includes a nice dinner and flowers :) ). It was sad that I didn't get the opportunity to get all fancy and to dress up with your heels on and grab a bite to eat. But it's ok... There's always next year. And I get to look forward to when I do get hitched (sometime in the next decade) to an eternity of valentines days. 

Well that is enough for this post.... I don't want to dwell on this subject more then I have too! 

Happy Valentines Day :) 

80's Dancing Baby!

This is my new favorite thing to do.... IS to go 80's dancing!!! Hmmm what a blast. Imagine, dressing up for a night and almost like traveling to a different time zone. I feel like I am getting away from the outside world and all the stress. I feel like a different person when I am dressed up! Here is some of the photos from when we went a couple weeks ago! We went this last Thursday too and got some awesome pics! Looking forward to those! They are sweet. 

You got to love it right!!! Does it make you feel young again! :) 
i love being siiiingle!