Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Betsy the Beetle

Remember when I was looking for a car? Well I found one (almost a year ago). But that shows just how great I have been @ blogging. It is ever girls dream to purchase a bug! Don't you think? Well I know because I have wanted one for years. I found this keeper online and I feel so lucky that I did. It's a manual BUT I am happy to say that I have finally learned how to successfully drive a stick!
This past summer the girls (Abby + Afton) and I decided it was time to wash my bug. Considering I drove it to Texas & back and the many storms & bugs I had experienced.

This is sweet little Afton helping us wash the car!

I love this little car.. It was such a good deal! It's a '99 and I bought it for only $2,500! :) I'm very excited about that-

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm baaaack

Hello everyone...

I have been meaning to blog for days now. It has been almost a year since I have blogged. The reason why I haven't been blogging is because I thought there was nothing exciting happening in my life at all.. You know like no husband, no kiddos, no offers to be on broadway or anything. But you know that idea is just silly! When I think back to the last 10 months of my life (I haven't blogged since my 20th b-day) there has been so many exciting and wonderful things that have happened. Sadly I cannot go back and explain every interesting or funny event that has happened BUT I am starting fresh today! I promise-

My summer adventures so far:
Ponderosa Resort in Zions National Park
Island Park near Yellowstone
A week in Orange County, CA with Grammy

Here's a quick recap of what's happening in my life right now:
I'm on my fourth job this summer- it sure has been a rocky summer. I currently work at a call center. Some days are long and I mostly speak to people who are idiots. I am still also working at downeast outfitters. I love being back there! It feels so nice. I have come to the realization that Retail Sales is where I belong :). Which is exciting because I really would like to start my own Interior Decor Store in the future.

I still live in Provo in an adorable OLD, blue house with 5 other ladies. Next week school will be starting for everyone else (I made the decision to take the semester off and work and SAVE lots of mula). So school starts next week and FOUR new roomates will be moving in. I'm so excited for fresh ladies and a new feel to our house. It's very exciting. Currently I am working many long hours in our "yard" and I feel like after work all I do is clean and organize. It's a big house- 2 stories. I am currently trying to decorate this place. My mission is to make our main floor feel more like a home and put together. It's a big project really when you have NO budget for it. I'm on the hunt at yard sales and D.I. :) If anyone has any thing they are getting rid of PLEASE contact me and let me know- Mirrors, frames, old furniture, etc!

I'm single- as single as one can be. Which is fine- I'm still a baby and I am in no hurry to find Mr. Right. Hmm yes that's all I really need to say anout that subject :) I'm very excited for the next couple of months coming up. I absolutely LOVE the fall & winter seasons.. Cannot wait for the snow and the winter wardrobe! That is all that I have to say today- look forward to seeing me blog more often now. It feels oh so good to be back- Love you all!

*Special thanks goes out to Aunt Melanie for reminding me that it's time to blog!