Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Betsy the Beetle

Remember when I was looking for a car? Well I found one (almost a year ago). But that shows just how great I have been @ blogging. It is ever girls dream to purchase a bug! Don't you think? Well I know because I have wanted one for years. I found this keeper online and I feel so lucky that I did. It's a manual BUT I am happy to say that I have finally learned how to successfully drive a stick!
This past summer the girls (Abby + Afton) and I decided it was time to wash my bug. Considering I drove it to Texas & back and the many storms & bugs I had experienced.

This is sweet little Afton helping us wash the car!

I love this little car.. It was such a good deal! It's a '99 and I bought it for only $2,500! :) I'm very excited about that-